Very pleased to announce that my new album ‘Stories To Tell’ is out and you can get your digital copy on Bandcamp.
Stories To Tell by Noris Schek - 3000x3000 -A
“Stories To Tell” is a selection of songs written over the years. Some are quite old, while others relatively new and few were written just a few months ago. Although the songwriting process remains very similar, I think the way we approach particular subjects, becomes more elaborate as the years roll.
I really enjoyed recording this album and loved trying out all kinds of new sounds, tones, effects, even realising that sometimes less is more. Guided by the motto “if you can whistle it, it’s good”, I aimed to serve my songs almost as an outsider.
Luckily, Liam Hebb, the brilliant sound engineer knew how to push my limits or tell me when to hold back. Having the fabulous Leo Sutherland on drums, who was crazy enough to trust me with this project, was a real treat to me and I can’t thank him enough for that.
I am also ever grateful to Terry Britten for the opportunity to record in his studio, inside Ritz Music in Richmond.
Noris Schek – all guitars, baritone uke, vocals, native flute, congas.
Leo Sutherland – drums and percussion.
Or you can listen on your platform of choice here:
Photo credit: Cristina Schek
Thank you and enjoy 🙏




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