By James Brewer

Acadeaua (Lollipop) TV Show


Jurnal Bihorean

Noris Schek - Serbarile-Cetatii

Noris Schek Interview


What A Wonderful Night

“It’s difficult to make fifty people feel perfect, all by yourself, just you and your guitar, under starlight. Noris can do it.”
“Noris simply loves life and has the gift of making you feel that love, too. This becomes clear in the way he plays his music.”
“He’s not just a masterful guitarist with a lovely voice, he’s reaching to you without making a fuss, as if talking to a friend.”

— Alexandru Seres


Sunete Magazine, Issue 16

Tommy Emmanuel Concert Review


Neuro ‘ Noris: The Man and The Guitar’

“I was just wishing Noris many happy returns of the day and I found out that he decided to quit his trio band and stick with a duo: he and his guitar. I don’t think the band would be necessary; on the contrary, it would be too much.”

—  Neuro


Sunete Magazine, Issue 50

Gary Moore Concert Review


“It’s the hardest time ever for a young musician (…) I would just say, learn to play as well as you can and learn to express yourself on your instrument; don’t worry too much about being famous because…you probably won’t be.” Read the whole Gary Moore interview.

—  Gary Moore, Press Conference, Hungary 2008

Mircea Pricajan Blog ‘Noris Band’ 

“Noris is simply breathing music, be it blues, rock or any other genre. In his hands the guitar becomes alive and almost seems to play by itself. Believe me! I’m not just saying it; I’m not easily impressed.”

— Mircea Pricajan