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Life Is A Miracle by Noris | Official Video


Life Is A Miracle

Music & lyrics: Noris | A film by: Cristina Schek 

I hope you enjoyed it and you’ll spread the love!

There’s also a miraculous story attached to this song: a beautiful collaboration between UK’s Queen of Pop Art, Deborah Azzopardi and Noris Schek.

Read the story here: Life is a Miracle – Sometimes Unpredictable: new work from London artist Deborah Azzopardi in collaboration with musician Noris Schek

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The Troubadour | Concert Video & Photos

Fantastic night at The Troubadour! It was so good to be back and play with some killer musicians: Guillaume Doré (vocals), Guillaume Bonpun (bass) and Edoardo Mazzola (drums), Jacques Nazaire (host/guitar). It really was a special Artpeggios night – music at its best!

As always, thank you Cristina Schek / Cristofor for the beautiful photography!

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Recording Session @ 1TakeTV | Josh Barry ‘Locked Out Of Heaven’

Josh Barry (vocals) ad Noris Schek (guitar) join 1Take TV in EAB Recording Studios in West London for a performance of ‘Locked out of heaven’ by Bruno Mars.

Sound production by Elliot Bradley. Filmed by Jonah James, Beatrice Black and Cillian Farrell. Edited by Jonah James.