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Tommy Emmanuel Masterclass @Ritz Music London | 26 October 2014 | Photos

A massive ‘THANK YOU!’ to Tommy Emmanuel C.G.P. for accepting our invitation and for all those defining moments of clarity put into words and exemplified through music during the Master Class today! We’ve learned a lot from the man who walks the walk, the most hard-working musician I know. And we had fun!


Tommy Emmanuel Masterclass, Ritz Music, 26Oct2014, photos by Cristina Schek

We’d also like to extend a big ‘Thank you’ to all those present. We have gained real wisdom, from one of the very best – each of us in a unique, deeply personal way, and we think, worth sharing!

Finally, thanks to the Ritz Music Team – their dedication has insured the success of this ambitious project!

Photography by: Cristina Schek

Follow this link for more photos from the Tommy Emmanuel C.G.P. Masterclass.


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