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‘The Quiet Song’ Inspired by Deborah Azzopardi’s Painting ‘Ssshh’ to Be Played LIVE on 20th February 2016 @ The Old Sergeant Pub

Deborah Azzopardi Sshhh - Noris Schek The quiet Song

Big announcement: I’ll be playing ‘The Quiet Song’ at The Old Sergeant Pub on the 20th of February, 8 pm.

This is a very special song. The inspiration came to me one day and it had a physical form, which was right above my head, hanging on my livingroom wall: a gorgeous painting by Deborah Azzopardi titled ‘Sssshh….’ 

Save the date: 20 February 2016, 8 pm

Location: Old Sergeant Pub Wandsworth

104 Garratt Lane, Wandsworth, London, SW18 4DJ 

Entry is free. Arrive early if you want the best seats in the house or book your place now 020 8874 4099 |


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Music Videos

Life Is A Miracle by Noris | Official Video


Life Is A Miracle

Music & lyrics: Noris | A film by: Cristina Schek 

I hope you enjoyed it and you’ll spread the love!

There’s also a miraculous story attached to this song: a beautiful collaboration between UK’s Queen of Pop Art, Deborah Azzopardi and Noris Schek.

Read the story here: Life is a Miracle – Sometimes Unpredictable: new work from London artist Deborah Azzopardi in collaboration with musician Noris Schek

Song Lyrics



Noris-Music & Lyrics

Life Is A Miracle | Original Composition + Lyrics

Sometimes Unpredictable


Life is a miracle,
Not a problem to solve
Our body’s just physical
But inside there’s a bright light, there is soul
Oh, it’s so beautiful

Life is a mystery
Not a puzzle to solve
We all have a history
We just need to learn how to let go
Be alive, let it flow

Miracle by day
Miracle by night
Sacred as an angel’s soul
Miracle you see in the eyes of a child
Just believe in miracle

Who knows what the future brings
What’s in store for you and me
Happiness eternal springs
Believe in universal harmony
It’s the only way to be free

Life is a miracle,
It surrounds us everywhere
We don’t need to be critical
Why the need always to compare?
When there’s so much love to share

Life is a miracle
We don’t need to analyse
Sometimes unpredictable
Tell me, please: what’s the big surprise?
Play by ear, just improvise.
Mmm, mmmmmmm…

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Life is a Miracle – Sometimes Unpredictable…

Deborah Azzopardi. Photo by Cristina Schek

Deborah Azzopardi. Photo by Cristina Schek

Life is a Miracle – Sometimes Unpredictable: new work from London artist Deborah Azzopardi in collaboration with musician Noris Schek

By James Brewer 

It is remarkable that just one painting can show how small the world has become, says London artist Deborah Azzopardi.

Deborah has long enjoyed global renown for her piquant and playful Pop Art portraits of faux romantic episodes involving smart young people. One of her best loved pieces is called Sshh… It shows a glamorous female with her well manicured, red-nailed finger seductively pressed against her lips. Prints of the illustration hang on living room walls world-wide and those who possess it proudly consider it part of the furniture.

Life Is A Miracle… Sometimes Unpredictable. By Deborah  Azzopardi

Life Is A Miracle… Sometimes Unpredictable. By Deborah Azzopardi

By chance, Deborah found out not long ago that one such collector – a young Hungarian folk/blues musician living in Transylvania 1,800 km from her London studio – had been inspired to compose a vibrant and moving melody in honour of the print.

Deborah says of the tribute: “How wonderful that was – millions of editions of the image have been sold, and one man with his guitar comes along and dedicates a song to it.”

It was the first time that anyone had applied a musical  interpretation to one of her canvases – and there are few contemporary parallels, the best known being the Don McLean 1972 hit song Vincent written as a tribute to Van Gogh and his painting The Starry Night after the American singer read a biography of the Dutch artist.

Deborah happened to find the song celebrating her work on the internet, and the upshot was that she met the singer/songwriter from afar, Noris Schek, in London, which led to the two collaborating on a unique new combined music and visual art project.

Deborah Azzopardi’s work  at London Art Fair. Photo by Cristina Schek

Deborah Azzopardi’s work at London Art Fair. Photo by Cristina Schek

Noris said: “Deborah Azzopardi’s art is global – I had the Sshh… on my wall, back in Transylvania. In 2011 I had written The Quiet Song inspired by the painting. I didn’t plan to write the song, it just came to me. It just happened: it was meant to happen!

“A couple of months before my wife Cristina and I came to live in London to find a wider audience for my music, the song was recorded and shared with the world on the internet, along with a short explanation telling people where my inspiration came from.  A year passed and, in July 2013, I got an email.  Deborah Azzopardi, the artist of ‘our’ beautiful Pop Art painting was writing to me, saying she had come across my song.

“How often do such things happen?  Was it the accident of finding something extraordinary, or just one of life’s miracles? Take your pick, I go for the miracle,” said Noris.

Noris Schek

Noris Schek

“Deborah said she very much enjoyed listening to the song, and that she wanted to meet me. I had a concert in Kew Gardens, asked her if she would like to come, and that’s how we met. After that we became good friends.

“My newest composition is called Life Is a Miracle. I recently recorded it, Deborah heard it, and the next thing I knew she was showing me her beautiful, new, larger-than-life painting, inspired by my composition. And she has named it Sometimes Unpredictable, a line found in the lyrics.” Continue reading



Deborah Azzopardi and Noris Schek

Everyone loves a good story.  I don’t have to hang a storyteller sign around my neck for you to believe I am one. I am no wordsmith, though. I prefer telling my stories by word of mouth, the same way I prefer listening to live music; – but, ever so often I find myself having to write a story down, so as to reach as many story-lovers as possible. Why? Because this one is a magical story.

Here we go!

In May 2012, Cristina and me started recording some videos in our new home, which we were to leave soon and move to London. The series was to be called The Acoustring Sessions.

We got to work. Two of the songs were my interpretations on  Lewis & Clark by Tommy Emmanuel and Scott Joplin’s ragtime – The Entertainer. But it’s the third song that really tells the TALL story.

Sometimes the best things that happen are the things that you didn’t plan. Let me explain. I didn’t plan to write a song, it just came to me. I didn’t plan to get inspired by looking at the beautiful painting we had in our living-room, called Sshh…. It just happened. It was meant to happen! The painting inspired me to go to that beautiful creative place that I always long to revisit and write a song – The Quiet Song.

Continue reading