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Gary Moore Interview

 This is the transcript of a press conference interview held in Alsóörs, Hungary, where Gary Moore was interviewed by a room full of journalists. I, being the huge Gary Moore fan I am & will always be – was lucky enough to be there and ask him a question of my own.  14.06.2008


Q: You started studying piano. What was the reason why you left piano?

Gary Moore: (laughs) ‘Cose I was shit. I couldn’t play piano. Terrible. I was the worst pupil. I didn’t like reading music so I failed very quickly.

Q: Do you consider yourself to be a soloist or you consider yourself to be a member of a band, which is characterized by your own attitude, musical attitude?

Gary Moore: You can’t be very much on our own so, I always have a band. I can’t play alone so I always have to have a band, but it’s my music.

Q: “Still Got the Blues” it’s a kind of rock icon that’s been played by all of the guitar players in the world. What did Peter Green mean to you, whom did you dedicate this album to?

Gary Moore: It wasn’t for Peter Green, that’s a different album. (Journalists give the right answers.) You know best. You’re the experts.

Q: In the middle of the 70’s John Hiseman reformed Colloseum and invited you as the guitar player in the band.  Was it a challenge for you to play in a jazz-rock band?

Gary Moore: Ya, it was. The whole point of that was that I wanted to play with the best musicians and challenge myself musically.

Q: At the end of the 70’s you joined Thin Lizzy.

Gary Moore: Ya, three times. Continue reading