Noris-Music & Lyrics

Made In Sunshine | Original Composition + Lyrics

Hello, Beautiful,
You look perfect today
Just like yesterday,
And the day before

You’re so lovable
And with that killer smile
You could save someone’s life
You’re incurable

It’s not hard to tell
Where are you going now
He’s waiting for you
On the other side of the town

So, put on your lipstick
He’s gonna find out
Who’s the queen of desire
Day after night
One quick look in the mirror
The last thing you do
Put on your make-up
He’s never gonna break-up
With you

All that he wants from you
Is just a’ whole lotta loving
He needs a little huggin’
From a doll like you

You look so natural
Your face shines like a star
One can see who you are
Nothing artificial

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