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‘The Quiet Song’ Inspired by Deborah Azzopardi’s Painting ‘Ssshh’ to Be Played LIVE on 20th February 2016 @ The Old Sergeant Pub

Deborah Azzopardi Sshhh - Noris Schek The quiet Song

Big announcement: I’ll be playing ‘The Quiet Song’ at The Old Sergeant Pub on the 20th of February, 8 pm.

This is a very special song. The inspiration came to me one day and it had a physical form, which was right above my head, hanging on my livingroom wall: a gorgeous painting by Deborah Azzopardi titled ‘Sssshh….’ 

Save the date: 20 February 2016, 8 pm

Location: Old Sergeant Pub Wandsworth

104 Garratt Lane, Wandsworth, London, SW18 4DJ 

Entry is free. Arrive early if you want the best seats in the house or book your place now 020 8874 4099 |


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Deborah Azzopardi and Noris Schek

Everyone loves a good story.  I don’t have to hang a storyteller sign around my neck for you to believe I am one. I am no wordsmith, though. I prefer telling my stories by word of mouth, the same way I prefer listening to live music; – but, ever so often I find myself having to write a story down, so as to reach as many story-lovers as possible. Why? Because this one is a magical story.

Here we go!

In May 2012, Cristina and me started recording some videos in our new home, which we were to leave soon and move to London. The series was to be called The Acoustring Sessions.

We got to work. Two of the songs were my interpretations on  Lewis & Clark by Tommy Emmanuel and Scott Joplin’s ragtime – The Entertainer. But it’s the third song that really tells the TALL story.

Sometimes the best things that happen are the things that you didn’t plan. Let me explain. I didn’t plan to write a song, it just came to me. I didn’t plan to get inspired by looking at the beautiful painting we had in our living-room, called Sshh…. It just happened. It was meant to happen! The painting inspired me to go to that beautiful creative place that I always long to revisit and write a song – The Quiet Song.

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